LA Times Review: "'Those People,' a touching take on Manhattan's young and rich"

"But as a coming of age story about first loves and the gold of old friends, “Those People” is quite touching, especially with the winsome Gordon as the lovable, if often misguided, Charlie... It captures both the magic and hardship of New York in your early 20s, the roller coaster of first love, and the necessary resilience of friendship."


Village Voice Review: Empathetic Gay Love Drama 'Those People' Makes for a Promising Writer-Director Debut

"Writer-director Joey Kuhn bathes his first feature in warm compassion...the movie's tenderly romantic feeling, encapsulated most of all in Gordon's boyish face and enthusiastically eager manner as his character comes of age before our eyes."

Large picture & review in the NEW YORK TIMES, above the fold!

New York Times Review: ‘Those People’: Heartbreak Among the Upper Crust

"The Whit Stillman-esque romantic melodrama “Those People” goes to great lengths to humanize Manhattan’s upper crust, with generally successful results... thanks to the cinematographer Leonard D’Antoni, the locations, including Lincoln Center and the High Line, have rarely looked lovelier."


Awards Circuit Review: "‘Those People’ is a Queer Cinema modern classic"

"Joey Kuhn’s affectingly realistic Those People is queer cinema’s best film since 2013’s intoxicating Blue is the Warmest Color. Here is a movie that refuses to sink like quicksand into tropes that have long held back the gay community from being taken seriously onscreen."


The Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide: "The Madoffs at Brideshead"

"This breathtaking feature by Joey Kuhn is a remarkably ambitious drama that delves into themes of class, obsession, coming of age, and the varieties of love. One has to be impressed by the sheer production values of this film on an indie’s presumably limited budget."

Hammer to Nail Review (Jessica Baxter)

"Gordon and Ralph give tremendous performances. With a believable rapport and an undeniable chemistry, they even manage to eroticize scenes that are devoid of sex. Those People is also a benchmark of advancement in cinema themes. It’s one of the first times, in my recollection, in which a filmmaker is able to tell a story about gay men wherein the focus isn’t on their sexuality."

The Moveable Fest Review (Stephen Saito)

"A decadent, dazzling debut for Joey Kuhn... As it turns out, there may be a beautiful coming-of-age story at the center of Those People, but an even more invigorating one behind the scenes in witnessing a filmmaker with as distinctive a voice as Kuhn come right out the gate with something so accomplished."


Seattle Gay Scene Review (Ryan Crawford)

"A refreshing triumph...Those People positions itself in the vanguard of the new LGBT film wave as an instant classic about loyalty, forgiveness, self-nurturing, and accepting love even when you don’t feel you deserve it."


Seattle Post-Intelligencer Review (Timothy Hall)

“What’s impressive is how relatable Those People is and how transparent its characters are. Gay or straight, it’s impossible to watch and not feel connected to anyone involved in Charlie’s journey ....Most of all it’s Charlie’s journey of self discovery that makes Those People a delightful story for everyone.”


This Roaming Life Review (Jason Stamp)

“What director Joey Kuhn has captured in his film Those People is a beautiful and intimate portrayal of walking that journey into maturity and self-assurance that we all desperately seek… An accomplished and emotionally satisfying addition to LGBT cinema.”


Ain’t It Cool News Review (Emily Von Seele)

“THOSE PEOPLE is a solid debut effort from Joey Kuhn, full of characters with real, relatable problems and a point in life at which we've all been, one way or another.”


Queertiques Review (Roger Walker-Dack) – 10/10

Those People is one of those rare exceptional debut movies from an inspiring new filmmaker Joey Kuhn that seems to be the payback for having to sit through far too many indifferent indie films every day.  It is simple that good, and was a sheer joy to discover… Every year queer cinema discovers a fresh new voice that is capable of taking the medium to a higher and different plane, my feeling is that Joey Kuhn could just be one that fits this bill.”


Big Gay Picture Show Review (Tim Isaac)

“Unrequited love is a tough topic for film to handle, but Those People does it exceedingly well, putting its heart into exactly the right place and finding a story of complex people trapped in an unusual love triangle (well, unusual for film, but not so much for real life) … What I’d initially thought was going to be a rather smug look at the rich turned out to be something far smarter and more heartfelt than I’d expected. It’s an excellent look at unrequited love that many of us will be able to relate to.”


Chicago Stage Standard (David Zak) – 4 stars out of 4

Those People is Joey Kuhn’s sumptuous feature that cuts to the heart of longing and loss. The fact that it is perfectly cast, with terrific cinematography, wonderful production and costume design, and features a gorgeous score by Adam Crystal will only deepen your appreciation for this exiting film by a young film maker.”


San Diego Gay and Lesbian News (Timothy Rawles)

“A well-acted and gloriously photographed picture that will most likely agitate some of you… Those People dances over the threshold of great gay film making. Kuhn’s ability to completely fill a movie with interesting drama is impeccable. The movie never lags and the performances carry the viewer from one scene to the next with great anticipation. It is as if Kuhn were making an emotional action movie, using despair for car chases.”


The Gay and Lesbian Review Review (Richard Schneider Jr.)

“This breathtaking feature by Joey Kuhn is a remarkably ambitious drama that delves into themes of class, obsession, coming of age, and the varieties of love.”


Echo Magazine Review (Hans Pederson)

“A stylish film with a tarnished-glitter aesthetic, Those People features relatable characters (warts and all) and universal themes that ring true.”


Hollywood Reporter Review (David Rooney)

“An absorbing's a well-made, solidly acted first feature with an easy-on-the-eye cast. Sleiman ups the drama's emotional stakes with his sensitive, quietly sexy performance."


Variety Review (Dennis Harvey)

“Joey Kuhn’s feature debut is impressively polished… the pic is handsomely turned on all tech and design fronts, particularly Leonardo D’Antoni’s widescreen lensing, which captures Manhattan at its glamorous autumnal best.”



Advocate – Favorite Films of Outfest

“Filmmaker Joey Kuhn’s lyrical storytelling and keen sense of atmosphere elevate this astute and sexy tale of desperation disguised as desire.”


Huffington Post (Oscar Raymundo)

Portrait of Dorian Gray meets Gossip Girl in Joey Kuhn's directorial debut about a young love triangle in luxe, modern-day Manhattan. Like any good erotic drama about society's upper crust, Those People serves up just enough scandal, intrigue and OMFG moments to keep us clutching our pearls. But it's in its treatment of characters, not caricatures, that gives the film a lasting impact beyond all that glitters.”


Queerty (Jenni Olsen) - list of “Must-See” Queer Movies for 2015

“Obsession, scandal, and shifting loyalties put pressure on a lifelong friendship and a new relationship in Joey Kuhn’s erotic, arresting directorial debut.” (page no longer exists)


San Francisco Examiner Review (Kevin Thomas) – Frameline Rundown

"A terrific film…Stylish and sexy and wrought with real conflicts, [Those] People is a winner."


San Francisco Chronicle (David Lewis) – Insider’s Guide to Frameline39

"Brimming with erotic tension, this formidable film places a microscope on upper-crust, young gay Manhattanites involved in a deliciously complicated love triangle. It’s riveting throughout."


Should I See It Review

“Unassuming, earnest, kind-hearted, and a labor of love for writer/director Joey Kuhn, Those People is a film that offers a unique, important, and fresh spin on romantic dramas we take for granted all the time. This is not a film to be taken for granted.”


The Stranger (Christopher Frazelle) – Recommended SIFF Film!

“If you’re interested in New York City, gay sex, and Gilbert & Sullivan, you’re going to love this... Those People is like the HBO show Looking, except interesting.”


SF Gate (David Lewis) – Frameline Reviews

“Recalling Whit Stillman’s Metropolitan, this formidable film places a microscope on upper-crust, young Manhattanites, but the main characters are gay and the erotic tension is magnified tenfold…A deliciously complicated triangle develops. Riveting throughout, Those People is well-written and well-acted — one of the best films of the festival. Joey Kuhn is a director to watch.”


Edge Magazine (Frank Avella)

“Writer-director Joey Kuhn makes an impressive feature debut with Those’s a more than commendable first effort.”


SF Bay Times (Gary Kramer)

"An absorbing American indie…Nicely captures the shifting dynamics between the characters as Charlie comes of age."



Logo’s NewNowNext (Alex Kacala) - “Those People Is A Gay ‘Gatsby’ With Heart”

Those People is our Gossip Girl, only with more substance. A gay Gatsby for the 21st century.”


Women’s Wear Daily (WWD) / Ally Betker / Interview & Coverage


The Gay and Lesbian Review – (Peter L. Stein) A Cinematic Trend Emerges: Gays Gone Bad


The Gay UK (Roger Walker-Dack) - Top 6: Movie Picks from P-Town 2015

“Unquestionably one of the best of its genre that we have seen for a long time, it is the perfect example on how to make a really excellent movie that completely belies the reality of its micro budget.”


San Diego Gay and Lesbian News / Timothy Rawles /  Interview


Seattle Gay Scene / Jeff Coté / “I Didn’t Like Your Film: A Critic’s Conversation with Joey Kuhn” – (I actually kind of love this one)


Seattle Post Intelligencer / Timothy Hall / Interview


Gay Sonoma / Gary Carnivele / Interview


Indiewire – 10 Films to See at Frameline


Bay Area Reporter (David Lamble) – Find Your Frameline Bliss

"Kuhn zeroes in on a combustible male erotic trio, inviting comparisons to the characters and privileged environs of Evelyn Waugh."

Bay Area Reporter, 6/18 Issue


Advocate - “7 Things That Are Everything This Week”


OUT (James McDonald) - Trailer Release


Next Magazine (Brandon Voss)

“Is this the gay Gossip Girl we've been waiting for?”


Advocate – NewFest Roundup

“Those People, the beautifully-shot story of two young lifelong friends (and maybe more) against the gilded but seriously tarnished Manhattan backdrop of a Madoff-esque scandal”


QueerGuru (Roger Walker-Deck) – #1, The Best LGBT movies of 2015


Big Gay Picture Show (Tim Isaac) - Top 10 LGBT Films of 2015