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"Brimming with erotic tension, this formidable film places a microscope on upper-crust, young gay Manhattanites involved in a deliciously complicated love triangle. It’s riveting throughout." - SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE
"Those People is a gay "Gatsby" with heart" - LOGO's NEWNOWNEXT
"Those People is also a benchmark of advancement in cinema themes. It’s one of the first times, in my recollection, in which a filmmaker is able to tell a story about gay men wherein the focus isn’t on their sexuality. Obviously, we still have a long way to go as a society. But this truly universal tale of loving assholes, parental disillusionment, and being dragged, kicking and screaming, into adulthood, is a cinematic baby step in the right direction." – HAMMER TO NAIL
"Those People serves up just enough scandal, intrigue and OMFG moments to keep us clutching our pearls. But it's in its treatment of characters, not caricatures, that gives the film a lasting impact beyond all that glitters." - HUFFINGTON POST
“If you’re interested in New York City, gay sex, and Gilbert & Sullivan, you’re going to love this...Those People is like the HBO show Looking, except interesting.” - THE STRANGER (Seattle)
"Stylish and sexy and wrought with real conflicts, "[Those] People" is a winner." - SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER
"A decadent, dazzling debut for Joey Kuhn... As it turns out, there may be a beautiful coming-of-age story at the center of Those People, but an even more invigorating one behind the scenes in witnessing a filmmaker with as distinctive a voice as Kuhn come right out the gate with something so accomplished." – THE MOVEABLE FEST
"A refreshing triumph...'Those People' positions itself in the vanguard of the new LGBT film wave as an instant classic about loyalty, forgiveness, self-nurturing, and accepting love even when you don’t feel you deserve it." – SEATTLE GAY SCENE